A guide to understanding the market garden:

Attempting to nurture a relationship between farmer and consumer, the market garden perhaps most clearly demonstrates such an endeavor. In return for fruits and vegetables that are locally and organically grown by the farmer, the consumer offers to take on some of the risk of the artisan craft of raising a garden. The consumer is asked to buy a share of the produce grown in the market garden at a set price, prior to the start of the season.

What does a share entail?

There are various ways to become involved in the market garden.
You can:
1) Purchase a whole season share which means you will receive a basket—averaging around
     6+ items-- per week from approximately mid June 'till November.
2) Purchase a half season share(first half or second half of season) which means you will receive a
     basket-averaging around 6+ items—per week for half the season; approximately 2 1/2 months.
3) Purchase a bi-weekly share which means you will receive a basket averaging around 6+ items
     every other week for the duration of the season.
Because of the nature of the market garden, Spring produce will differ in substance and size from Summer and Autumn produce.

Each share is enough to supply three to four people with produce.

Our 2014 garden will contain approximately the following:

1) Arugula
2) Bean--French, Dragon Tounge, Yellow Wax and Green
3) Beet-- Bull’s Blood and Detroit Dark Red Beet
4) Bok Choy
5) Broccoli-- De Cicco Broccoli and Romanesco and Calabrese
6) Broccoli Rhab
7) Cabbage – Green and Red
8) Cauliflower
9) Carrot -- Scarlet Nantes, Dragon and Perisian Mkt.
10) Celeraic
11) Celery
12) Chinese Cabbage
13) Chives
14) Cucumber -- Suyo Lon, and Diva
15) Collards
16) Corn
17) Eggplant -- Ping Tung Long, Thia Green and Diamond
18) Endive
19) Fennel
20) Lettuce – Boston, Romaine and Heirloom Mesculn Mix
21) Melon -- Charantais Melon, Noir des Carmes Melon and Prescott Fond
       Blanc Melon
22) Mizuna                                                                                                                                                       23) Onion --– Borettana, New York Early and Red Wethersfield onion
24) Parsley
24) Parsnips
25) Peppers – Bell, Jimmy Nardello Sweet frying, Fatali, Georgia Flame and Joes Long Cayenne
26) Potatoes –German Butterbal, La Ratte Fingerlings and Red Gold                                                      27) Pumpkin-- Cinderella, Marina di Chioggia, Musquee de Provence and Galeux d'Eysines
28) Radish -- Cincinnati Market, French Breakfast, Rudonph and Nero Tondo
29) Spinach
30) Squash — Golden an Green Zucchini Squash, Romanesco, Butternut and Acorn
31) Swiss Chard
32) Tomato -- Black from Tula Tomato, Rose, Hillbilly, Bluddy Butcher, Brandywine Tomato...
33) Turnip—Purple Top
34) Watermelon —Blacktail Mountain Watermelon, Moon & Stars Watermelon and
       Sweet Siberian Watermelon

A full share is $675
A half season share is $350
A bi-weekly share is $350

Shares will be available for pickup at the farm every Saturday afternoon of the season, or at one of the Farmers Markets.

All fruits and vegetables are grown organically. All plants and seeds are non-GMO organic. The soil is enriched with vegetable and animal compost as well as mineral rock assuring a highly nutritious food.