We started our flock off with some of the top Icelandic sheep in North America. This breed with a lineage traced back over 1,200 years, is a tremendous animal. It can withstand intense cold, and thrives on high quality pasture. Our lamb is pasture raised, never grain fed. The meat is top gourmet quality, clean, delicate tasting and very tender. If you think lamb has too strong a taste, we implore you to try our lamb. The odds are you will be putting lamb on the dinner table quite often after trying pasture based Icelandic lamb.
Perhaps our piece de resistance. We start off with old world, heritage breed Large Black Pigs. Large Blacks are known for their gourmet quality pork. They are pasture based, which means not only do our pigs browse the lush pastures, they are also free to wander around through many acres of grass enabling them to exercise at will. The pigs are free to do what pigs do, namely root through the soil searching for tasty morsels of food. We do no use nose rings nor do we dock their tales. The pigs live out their entire lives on pasture. They are never confined as per typical factory farm fashion. When it is raining or snowing or, they just want to take a nap, their shelter is waiting for them, bedded down with clean straw. Our pigs are indeed happy pigs. The resultant pork is firm, rosy colored and speckled, juicy and tender. It is, as such, an incomparable product which the most discriminating chef will take notice of.  Go to CHARCUTERIE page.
Our veal is quite special. If you stopped eating veal for ethical reasons, this veal should change your mind. We start with veal calves which have been fed on Mother’s milk and pasture only. The veal calves are raised in partnership with us by our cheese -maker at Mountain View Dairy. Though not certified organic, they meet and/or exceed all certification procedures. The veal calves have never been caged. Rather they have had free access to pasture their whole lives. And unlike other gourmet veal, ours has never been fed milk replacer nor growth enhancers. The end result is a rose’ colored veal packed with taste and aroma. This is hands down some of the best gourmet veal you can find anywhere