Take one part faith, faith in holistic farming, and, Gaia; two parts determined work, with calluses and, top it off with people who truly enjoy what they are doing. The result is the inception Gaia’s Breath farm; 265 acres of pure organic bliss situated between the Catskill and Adirondack mountain ranges. We are committed to growing and raising the absolute highest quality, gourmet food available. Mixing new tech with old foundational methodologies, we hope to represent what a small farm can be at its optimum. We are re-creating food that will not only nourish and enliven your physical body but, will awaken one’s taste buds to the marvelous flavors, colors and textures of old world kitchens. We take on the responsibility to produce food under the strictest policies set forth via our own standards. Whether it be an heirloom tomato or a freshly made order of sweet fennel sausage, you will receive the absolute best in flavor and quality available, anywhere. Please, try us out. We are confident enough to expect you will be back, in due time.

Sensory sensations of bright, vivid colors, smells, textures and, of course, tastes await you in our garden where over 35 varieties of vegetables, and fruits, many of them heirloom, are grown for your eating pleasure. The garden represents, in many ways, the heart of the farm where healthful and delicious food abounds. From Heirloom frying peppers to Thai eggplant to Charantais melons, our veggies and fruits are vine ripened to utter perfection. This type of produce is available only through our subscription market garden system. Want to eat healthy, and well? Try a season’s worth of our farm fresh produce.
Mothers Milk and pasture fed Veal, and Registered Heritage Breed Large Black Pigs, raised organically, on open pasture, and always treated humanely and with care. Marvelous flavor, juicy and tender. Each type represents uncommon eating quality found in very few establishments.
Looking to acquire animals for your own farm? We have top quality livestock available at various times of the year.